The Ravyns are best known for their 1982 hit, “Raised on the Radio”, which was featured in the Universal film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The song was the second single released from the soundtrack of that film, receiving great critical acclaim in Billboard and instantaneous rock radio placement nationwide and abroad.

With the success of “Raised..” came a full length album deal with MCA. The Ravyns was released in 1984, and once again lauded by critics on both sides of the Atlantic.

Within one year, the band produced three music videos - “Raised on the Radio”, “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, and “Rhythm of the Heart” - the latter of which won MTV’s 1985 National Basement Tapes competition solely by viewer support.

In more recent years, The Ravyns have continued to enjoy attention and notoriety by rock fans young and old as an important chapter in the eighties music scene. “Raised on the Radio” has appeared in many trivia publications and shows, has been recorded by various newer groups over the years, and still emerges in rock radio formats.

In 1996, when Baltimore dubbed their new football team The Ravens, Kyf and partner Jumpin' Dave Woodworth composed "I'm a Rav'n Maniac" from an old Ravyns catch phrase as a theme song for the team. The recording marked the first time that all the Ravyns had recorded together since 1985, and is also available as a download at

Other Ravyns releases to date include Remnants, (a collection of demos, remastered in the 90s), The Ravyns Live at Maxwells 1983, (a 17-song live disc from 1983, recorded at Maxwells night club in Baltimore MD by DJ Mark Russo), and their newest 11-song collection of favorite songs written by Rob and Kyf in the 80s but never released - History Repeats Itself.